Wildgrain Box Review + Coupon

I was super excited to receive my Wildgrain Box. The goals and ethos of this brand really resonate with me - from being a small brand (they state on their website it's just 5 people), they’re based out of Boston - which if you’ve followed me you’ll know that I lived north of Boston for over 15 years (I was a baby when I moved there 😉...I’m kidding) and they’re focused on great baked goods and pastas that are nutrient-dense, made simply with simple ingredients. Plus, if that wasn’t enough the bread is really, really, really good!

It’s amazing to have wonderfully good for you fresh baked bread straight from your oven in less than an hour.

You’ve got to try Wildgrain and for a limited time you can use my code: LEAVESANDLITTLES for $10 off your first box PLUS a free extra sourdough loaf in every box for the life of your subscription!

And, as if there wasn’t more to love about Wildgrain Box, with every subscription they donate 6 meals to the Greater Boston Food bank. I’ve actually volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank and it really was a life changing experience - it was so rewarding and I learned so much about food waste. Did you know that most foods, especially shelf stable foods, can be kept for years and years? That the “best by” date isn’t when the food is bad and no longer good to eat, but it’s a manufacturer’s suggested date as to when the product tastes best and meets their marketing/ brand expectations and customer satisfaction goals. There’s so much food being wasted out there and I’m still trying to get better. Another great thing about Wildgrain boxes is that they come frozen - so the risk of wasting food is lowered because you keep it frozen till you’re ready to bake that bread or boil some pasta.

A really important thing for me too is what’s in the food? Is it empty calories that will spike my blood sugar levels and have me crash later? Or are there nutritional benefits to the foods I’m eating?

With Wildgrain, their sourdough loaf is literally 4 ingredients (yes F-O-U-R ingredients!) that each provide nutritional benefits - so you can have your bread and eat it too! 😏

Go to the link below to get $10 off your first box PLUS a free extra sourdough loaf in every box for the life of your subscription!


Or use my code: LEAVESANDLITTLES at checkout.

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