Finding Balance

In a world that can be both beautiful and harsh - I dream of teaching my children how to find balance and cope with challenges in their lives through creativity, self love and care, exercise for both their body and mind.

I think most of us have struggled with the ramifications of COVID-19, social distancing and quarantining - it's been hard. It's not difficult simply because we can't leave the house in the same way we used to, or not being able to roam around Target or go into your favorite coffee shop; it's the lack of normal human contact, the feeling of an unstable future and the unknown. Like many people, we've really stayed home and only gone out for mostly essential items. Needless to say, we all needed balance, whether it was food, exercise, self care, child care, creativity, hard work, parenting and working full time from home - it all required a great deal of balance. Balance of course made me think of the core philosophies of many eastern religions, Hinduism being one of them, which reminded me of my yoga routines and meditation and how these practices have always brought balance to my life.

As much as children need a consistent routine, especially during these strange times, people of all ages need the security of some sort of a schedule and some predictability. We all need to do things that will help us cope and be able to show up in our best form. Making self-care, exercise or meditation part of my morning routine sets the tone for my day and allows me to be more present with my family, my children and even on those zoom calls.

I saw a post early on that suggested in lieu of a strict schedule try having everyone focus on asking themselves these questions every week:

I thought this was an interesting way to gauge your and your family's well-being during the shutdown. I've tried to keep these priorities in mind and to maintain balance for our family.

Just as we learn through so many of life's experiences - everything is connected and can be brought into balance.

How are you finding balance right now? What tips do you have for coping with social distancing and shutdowns?

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