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There are so many reasons and moments that propelled me forward with finally creating a website that focused on my different interests, things I want to learn more about and create a space where I could share and learn with others as well.

But there were really two main things that pushed me along this path to create Leaves + Littles. I've always enjoyed eating well, physically and mentally my body and mind don't function well when I eat junk or am not active. Then Izzy came along - sweet little, peaceful Izzy - hardly made a peep. But she wasn't nursing great and kept dropping on the growth chart. I figured out she had a milk protein allergy - in a nutshell I had to cut out all dairy, no cream for coffee, no cheese (my beloved Gruyere!), no chocolate...wait, no chocolate?!

I found myself going back to my roots, eating well, finding natural less processed sweetener alternatives, adding in more whole foods and less processed everything - I mean sure I'll eat some things here and there that aren't great. But overall I was creating a balanced lifestyle that was so necessary when we were all thrown into the new world of shutdowns, social distancing and trying to be a present and supportive parent to our 4 year old and nursing our new baby girl around the clock. Then the second thing happened, one evening over family dinner my son, Harris, suggested we start selling our baked goods to people. I think in his 4 year old mind we were just going to launch baked goods at people, possibly via sling shot. I nearly jumped out of my chair and announced we were starting a family farm stand with mostly paleo sometimes vegan treats and baked goods, we could sell our bumper crops during the dog days of summer - it was going to be fantastic. I researched at night, found all the licensing and state requirements and after a few weeks this idea slowly evolved into Leaves + Littles.

I had so much more I wanted to share with my friends, family, community and I had so much I wanted to learn from them as well. I wanted to create a community where we could learn and discuss life, healthy living, motherhood, self care without judgement - a support network whether in times of crisis like we find ourselves now, or anytime in our lives to simply learn and broaden our whole self.

I hope you enjoy learning and exploring new things with me here.

Thank you and take care of you.

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